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  1. Upset price fixed by the committee (Headed by the Secretary, Mines & Mineral Development Department).
  1. Conduct of open auction by Auctions committee (Headed by the Director General, Mines & Mineral Development).
  1. Eligibility for participation:
    • Earnest money 5%
    • National Identity Card
    • Authorization letter (in case principal is not able to participate himself).
    • Memorandum / Articles of association (for firms companies).
    • Earnest money for first three highest bidders is retained till finalization   of the     award.

4.      Acceptance of bid letter issued after approval of the Competent Authority/ Government.

5.      Advance payment of 10% plus 5% Security deposit of the bid amount before execution of the final contract contract/award/agreement/handing over possession.

6.      Contract amount is payable in nine equal monthly installments.

7.      The first installment would be paid before 7th of commencing month.